Training Model

Ensuring Successful Adoption 


Initial application consists of information about each licensed mental health provider.

During the application process, the STRONG STAR team will conduct a phone assessment of organizational readiness to determine consultation needs with an identified Senior Leader.  The Senior Leader may be the Clinic Director or Team Leader or someone with administrative responsibility within the organization and the authority to make systematic changes. 


Pre-Training Orientation

Prior to the training, there will be a Training Initiative Orientation teleconference to orient everyone to the different components of the Learning Collaborative.  Providers will need to purchase the appropriate therapy manual and complete online trainings in Military Culture and PTSD Assessment.

Two-Day Training

Trainings in Cognitive Processing Therapy or Prolonged Exposure will consist of two days of didactics, videos of therapy sessions and role plays.  After the training, providers will be ready to implement the treatment in their practice.

Expert Consultation

Mental health providers will participate in weekly 60-minute in post-training telephone consultation consultations with expert consultants for six months following the training.  

Advanced Training

Monthly online webinars will train mental health providers in various advanced practice skills.  Webinars will address a number of advanced skills including adapting treatment for specific trauma types, such as, traumatic loss, moral injury, and close calls and incorporating family members into treatment. Additional webinars will be identified and developed based on the needs of the mental health providers and specific veteran cases. 

Organizational Consultation

The STRONG STAR team will provide external and internal advertising materials and, information of about screening procedures, and assessment procedures.  Organizational Consultation will focus on ensuring the mental health providers have all the necessary resources (e.g., time, materials) to implement the practice and problem-solve any barriers to implementation.  The proposed project estimates 5-10 hours committed from senior leadership for organizational consultation, depending on the need of the organization.


Outcome Tracking

Providers will be asked to complete surveys of their practice:

  1. Prior to starting the Training Initiative
  2. After completion of the Training Initiative
  3. 6 months after Completion

Providers will also report de-identified patient information on PTSD symptoms, Depression symptoms, and Psychosocial functioning. 

Continuing Education Credits will be provided.

Scholarships are available.